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Green Water Revolution Pvt Ltd

Award winning solutions for recycling wastewater with zero carbon footprint!

EcoTech solutions for point sources: treatment of wastewater

  • Useful for treatment of sewage (including grey and black water) from townships, society, resort, hotel and effluent from industries such as dyeing, printing, slaughterhouse, and pharmaceuticals.

  • Reduction in COD / BOD by 80-90%

  • DOES NOT require mechanical / electrical energy to

  • treat wastewater

  • Routine maintenance can be done by unskilled labour; zero waste-by product, space required for treatment is minimal

  • 100% odour-free, mosquito-free, and adds beauty to the surroundings

  • Zero Noise Pollution

  • Fits anywhere! No need of specific geometrical

  • shape for the treatment plant.

  • De-centralised system enables deferred / phase- wise capital investment & optimum utilisation of the plant

Soil Scape Filter

enlisted by Ministry of Jal Shakti as

top eco-tech for point sources

Why choose our Eco-Technology?

  1. No chemicals / regular dosing

  2. No mechanical energy

  3. No electrical energy

  4. No hazardous waste generated

  5. 100% odour free treatment

  6. 100% control of mosquitoes and flies

  7. Helps reduce climate change (Green house effect) Enormously space saving – In-situ treatment

  8. Less investment as compared to conventional system Negligible Maintenance and Operating cost

  9. Short lead time

  10. Fast return on investment

  11. Single stage process, tailor made solutions

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